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Happy Christmas from us all in Riley Hall

Author: Charles Barber

Having been away on leave, I have been delighted to return to the energy and excitement of our department. So that you too may share in this, I would like to invite you to visit our new web site — — where you can keep up with all of our news and events and to stay in touch with the deeds of our many alumni. Please do write to us and let us know what you are doing ( ). We like to think that once you have been a part of the department, you will always be a part of the department.Happy Christmas from us all in Riley Hall.

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A Visit by Professor Evelyn Welch

Author: Elizabeth Petersen

Evelyn Welch, professor of Renaissance Studies in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary, University of London, visited the Notre Dame campus on September 20th, 2010. Prof. Welch presented a public lecture entitled Perfumed Gloves and Scented Buttons: Smelling Things in Renaissance Italy.

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Remembering Fred

Author: Paul Down

Industrial design faculty member, Paul Down, remembers the life and legacy of Frederick S. Beckman, Industrial Design Emeritus.

Frederick S. Beckman quietly passed from this life on Sunday, October 31, 2010. Like a few others before him, Fred devoted most of his 93 years to Notre Dame, beginning as an Art Department instructor in 1946, shortly after WWII and officially retiring in the mid-1990s. 

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More Successes of Painting MFAs

Author: Heather Rhoda

Among the season-opener shows in Chicago this year are one-person exhibitions by alumni of Notre Dame:

Justin Miller at Zg Gallery going from Sept. 10 - Oct. 23
Megan Greene at Carrie Secrist going from Sept. 10 - Oct. 16
Heather Marshall at Linda Warren going from Sept. 10 - Oct. 23

Also new painting MFA Amanda Joseph has been one of the featured artists in Blue Canvas Magazine, a relatively new magazine that showcases the work of some members of the online art community. Her work and a corresponding interview is featured in Issue Five, and the spread begins on page 72 and continues on to page 79.

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Industrial Design Alumnus Awarded for Work in Iron Man Film

Author: Heather Rhoda

Iron Man Design by Ryan Meinerding

Industrial design graduate, Ryan Meinerding (BFA '99) contributed greatly to the Iron Man series, Outlander, Transformers, andWatchmen continuing on to receive an award with the Iron Man crew for the 2009 Art Directors Guild Excellence in Production Design Award for Fantasy Films.

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All Art is Propaganda

Author: Lisa Walenceus

Sophomore Kelly Fallon’s eyes light up when she talks about her visit to Ditchling, the small village in East Sussex, England, where, in 1921, Eric Gill founded the Guild of St. Joseph and St. Dominic. The guild was a Roman Catholic community of artists and craftsmen, inspired by medieval guilds. “I’d never heard of Gill before,” she says, “but going to Ditchling and seeing so many people who knew Gill and the guild really brought home to me how important he was to English art.”

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Senior Thesis Project Uses Art to Teach Math

Author: Michelle Romeu

From Pythagoras’ golden ratio to fractal art produced with modern computers, mathematics and art have long been intertwined. Because of this, Shelley Kornatz, a senior graphic design major, sees no reason why an art student shouldn’t take up the cause for math with today’s high school students.

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